Wendy Euler

Wendy Euler

Creative Spirit / Intention Influencer

The moment I first came across Wendy I realised that there were gorgeous people to learn from on Instagram. Her attitude to life in general should be celebrated and her generous love to other women is just beautiful.

When do you feel most connected to yourself?

When I’m in my kitchen with my family cooking ... with good music and probably wearing a cool easy maxi dress. 

To who, or what else are you connected?

I try to be observant and open and connect with anything, any environment, any person that serves me and makes me better. I do feel very connected to the sea... to the beach and the ocean. 

Define Perfection....

embracing imperfection is perfection. 

Tell us about your three favourite pieces of clothing...
I love a great silk top like yours! With a pair of vintage Levi’s and the perfect beads or a big vintage ring- most likely turquoise. 


What rules in your life are you trying to rewrite?

Rules? What rules? :) I think the only rule should be to genuinely try to understand what makes you tick, what truly gives you joy. To understand your intention, your “why” in everything and move from there. 

Find out more about Wendy at and on Instagram @goodbyecroptop