Lindy Rama-Ellis founder of FIG Femme

Lindy Rama-Ellis founder of FIG Femme

At Banded Together, we celebrate women who help others feel empowered and confident within themselves - especially those who break social taboos to benefit other women. 

This week we talk to Lindy Rama-Ellis (@lindyklim) about her aim to normalise the conversations around woman’s intimate-wellness with the launch of her new nurturing skincare  FIG Femme. ​

Hi Lindy, 

Congratulations on the launch of FIG Femme, tell us about it...

FIG Femme is for all women, catering for our most delicate female body parts – it’s a nurturing range of wellness-orientated sheet masks designed for the vulva, created to support self-confidence, and which encourages all women to take control of their individual intimate health needs and aid a sense of empowerment over their own body.

What motivated you to start FIG Femme?

The motivation really came from my candid conversations with my girlfriends and other Mums. I was so tired of the typical taboo connotations associated with talking about our vulvas, and the lack of dialogue and information on post-pregnancy care that was readily available, so I made it my mission to create a wellness brand that fills this gap. One that not only nourishes, soothes and aids in post-pregnancy recovery, but also encourages an open and honest self-care routine that helps facilitate our self-confidence.

In a few months’ time we are looking to expand the range will further expand to include a gentle, intimate wash and spray, as well as a caesarean scar healing oil.

Its so important for women to be in tune with their personal needs, when do you feel  most connected to yourself?

I feel most connected when I’m at home in Bali with my family, when I have had the opportunity to partake in some self-care; whether that be treating myself to a FIG sheet mask or meditating for 20 mins

Who or what else that makes you feel grounded?

My home in Bali, my children and partner Adam. Also Melbourne as I spent so many years there, living and growing – a lot of my friends and family are based in Melbourne

How do you define perfection…

Perfection for me is when I feel confident, happy and comfortable in my skin. When I’m at home in Bali with my children and my partner Adam I’m happiest. In Bali when I’m not working, I have the opportunity to wear much more relaxed and comfortable clothes and it’s a much more tranquil way of living.

If there were rules in life that you could rewrite, what would they be? 

To take more time out for me

To take more time out for my relationship

To be ‘in the moment’ more

To rise above negative energy

Lindy, you are always so effortlessly stylish, tell us about your 3 favourite pieces of clothing. 

I'm a simple girl so I love a clean and chic silk shirt. I also gravitate towards easy to wear dresses - they are so great in the Bali heat. And of course, anything that is an investment piece - a classic that will last. 

Find our more about FIG Femme here 

Instagram: @lindyklim @figfemme