Hi Kate! You have moved so many souls through your music and clearly have a great sense of self. When do you feel most connected to yourself?

I feel most connected to myself when I have just completed a Herculean task and taken full responsibility for it. It’s in that moment I know the purpose behind living! It’s is not to “have”, own,  or “be” anything or anyone.... it’s simply to CREATE!

That seems to me to be a “moment” in time when I feel my most potent and pure.

To who or what else are you connected to?

Family is important to me and friends who see me as I am, and love me for all of my quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Define perfection?

 There are no absolutes in this world, so perfection would be the ultimate truth that we are all imperfectly perfect! Each unique and original. 

What rules in your life are you trying to re write?

Everyday is a new opportunity to best myself and improve skills .I am forever a student. I hate fake humility in myself and others. And I cringe at pride,  self aggrandizing, and seeking approval. I like to win my own self worth. 

How have you coped during COVID this year being a performer?

I started out of the blocks with vigour and stamina... raised a lot of money for my industry, energized myself with workout videos and shared blogs about how I was created from home and “upskilling”... even had a broadcast unit filming music every Friday night! Complete refusal to “give in” to the limitations. All my years work suddenly cancelled with no hope of being recovered. No income, imminent retirement from a 40 year career that I had no intention of ever retiring from.

Second lockdown sent me into a tail spin.... couldn’t sing, was sad for my state, lost business, arts and culture. Worried for the children. Cried a lot....

Third and fourth lockdown was send a lifeline from Sony to record an album and we did it in the last two days before curfews and total restrictions on gatherings in studios.

It was myriad of emotions. Wrote how I felt about it and felt the genuine cathartic relief that music has always given me. 

We loved that you performed at the Montefiore Aged Care Home earlier this year to comfort residents and workers - what motivated you to do that?

I felt that the “aged care” community were feeling neglected, isolated and at great risk. Not to mention the healthcare workers!I wanted to offer them comfort, support and tell them that they were in our thoughts. The Jewish community have always been so family centric and I honor their responsibility toward “elders”. I was raised in a tri- generational family.... so much to learn from grandparents. I’ve only known love and security, and I have been free to follow my dreams because of my family. 

Thank you Kate.

Your exemplify connection, courage, honesty and love - we look forward to listening to your new album 'Sweet Inspiration' (released on Feb 5, 2021).