Meet Nat Triglone: creative director and founder of Mineraleir

Meet Nat Triglone: creative director and founder of Mineraleir

We talk to Natalie Triglone of Australian jewellery brand @mineraleir and welcome her beautiful collection to our studio. We fell in love with the Mineraleir aesthetic when we came across it virutally and then when we saw the pieces in real life were in awe of their magnificence. These are solid high quality pieces to wear over and over. 

Hi Natalie, 

In a short time, you have managed to create incredible sought after pieces, tell us more about the motivations of the brand… 

Mineraleir is quite simply a creative outlet for me which heroes precious metal-work and contrasting creative viewpoints. It's here to be bold, but also softly curved. It is fluid in form yet visually direct. It is without artifice yet completely romantic. We don't seek to push the emotional rhetoric of 'buy this jewellery and it will become an heirloom for your grand children's children' - our community is too savvy for that. They know quality when they see it and will hold onto it forever regardless. 

I think what attracted us to your brand aside from the magnificent pieces was your environmental motivations and connection to the world at large... 

We work with 90%+ recycled silver and gold (we would claim 100%, however we do need to allow for the possibility of a shortage in recycled materials during busy periods). For the most part we do work with close to 100% recycled. Every single Mineraleir piece is packed and stored in home compostable plastic and you won't find an inch of single use plastic in our internal operations. Our boxes are also made from recycled paper and are recyclable. ​

What was the catalyst to starting the business? 

Having babies was the catalyst. I had attempted to return to work after the birth of my first daughter and I was overwhelmed. Of all the people I knew, I was quite early to starting a family and there weren't many friends around me experiencing the same struggles. By the time my second daughter came along I knew I had to find a way to work when, where and on whatever I wanted - to make being apart from them worth the while. It came with many sacrifices this last year but I am starting to see the rewards. 

At Banded Together we believe that we live our best life when we are connected to ourselves and everything around us - when do you feel  most connected to yourself? 

Right now I'm finding it quite hard to succeed at acquiring a prolonged sense of calm and connectedness. In truth, most mornings I am fumbling my way to the coffee machine at 5am with Quinn (my toddler) by my side and just keeping up with myself for the rest of the day. However, finding time to be alone in nature completely stops me in my tracks and brings me back to earth. There is a jaw-droppingly beautiful bushwalk near us that is beyond words, it feels like you are a million miles away. I love doing the full hour walk alone.

Who or what else that makes you feel grounded? 

An in depth theatrical pantomime with my little girls / a game of 'spotlight' in the evenings inside our home / bush walking and exploring hidden coves near our home and my parents home / swimming, always swimming!

Tell us about your 3 favourite pieces of clothing/accessories. 

I have a fairly boring uniform - jeans, jeans and more jeans. 

I rarely carry a bag anywhere. It's just my iphone in my back jeans pocket and a rationalised version of a 'wallet' in another pocket - but always a Mineraleir hoop and a single heavy, gold or silver bracelet. 

I live in blouses and simple tops. Totême is my ultimate go-to. I also adore Khaite NY and my Banded-Together silk shirt has been doing the rounds. Above all VINTAGE! High quality vintage tops add texture, history and layers to my wardrobe.