Meet Lucy Feagins

Meet Lucy Feagins


TDF is one of the only emails we all love receiving. It brings colour into our world with such enthusiasm and shares so many wonderful people with us. What gave you the idea to start it?

Oh thankyou SO much! That’s so lovely to hear. It really feels like a lifetime ago that I first started the site. It was 2008, I was 27 years old, and the internet was such a different place then. There was no social media, blogs were very much in their infancy, and  The Design Files was very much a personal project back then. I was working as a junior stylist and set dresser in the film industry, and I was excited about design, homes, interiors and homewares, and I really just started the site as a place to collect and share things I was discovering. The internet felt a lot smaller back then, it was a much more friendly, community-minded space. The Design Files and the internet more broadly has evolved so much since then!

When do you feel most connected to yourself?

When I’m on an aeroplane, travelling for work, that’s when I feel most connected to myself, and when I think most clearly. It could be the altitude, or the solitude, or more likely - the lack of access to the internet!  When travelling I always seem to have more focus, more insight, and it’s when I have some of my best creative ideas.

To who, or what else are you connected?

I have a really strong connection with my Mum, Chrissie, she’s just my number one supporter, my champion and my rock. We’ve been through a lot together and we’re the best of friends. I’m also of course very connected to my wonderful husband, Gordon, whose support for my business and very equal commitment to parenting our daughter Minnie is something I am grateful for everyday. And of course Minnie - my three-year-old Mini me! She’s my constant sidekick, and I see so much of myself in her.

Tell us about your three favourite pieces of clothing?

I’m not really the most enthusiastic fashionista, if I’m honest. I’m not interested in trends -  I love classic pieces that won’t date, pieces that are well made, reliable and make me feel great. 

I LOVE my new Banded Together silk shirt with tie, it’s just something that makes me feel instantly put together and confident every time I put it on. I’m also a big fan of local label Alpha60 - I love their 100% merino knits for winter, warmth + smart and stylish, the ultimate combo for Melbourne winters!

I also love my mid-heel patent leather pumps with gold heel from Habbot, another local label. These shoes are my go-to, they’re so versatile and easy to wear.

Australia is full of creative people, is there a common thread/trait between them that you have noticed over the years?

I’ve had the great privilege of meeting and documenting the work of so many amazing Australian creatives over the past 11 years, and I guess there are a few things that stand out amongst the most successful ones. I find that generally the most successful creatives are generous and non-competitive, they’re open to meeting their contemporaries, pushing culture forward together, and fostering a rich creative community. Aussie creatives also tend to be just so hardworking and resourceful! We don’t have a huge population compared to other global cities, we’re a bit of a microcosm, so that really encourages a sense of resourcefulness and ingenuity amongst Australian creatives.

What rules in your life are you trying to rewrite?

I’m pretty good at neglecting my health and wellness, working way too hard, and leaving very little time for self care and exercise. I’d love to improve on that, but to do so gently, without being too hard on myself!

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