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Lauren Mackellar

Lauren Mackellar

When do you feel most connected to yourself?
I feel most connected to myself when I make time to stop and reflect on how lucky and grateful I am to be living the life that I am!

To who, or what else are you connected?
My beautiful friends and also especially my older sister Katrina- I honestly feel so lucky to have such amazing women in my life! Also I’m very lucky to be able to say a big portion of my clients are more like friends to me- I feel very connected to them and often like the hair is secondary to why and when we connect.

Define Perfection...
For me Perfection can be simplicity in a moment, when I realise that everything has come together for a reason that’s bigger than me. It also relates to the feeling of being in the zone when I’m doing hair and everything is in flow.

Tell us about your three favourite pieces of clothing...
Oh that’s easy! I have a pair of ankle boots from Alexander Wang that I bought on a trip to NY that I feel amazing in, a wine-coloured fluffy cardi from Scanlan & Theodore, and either the matching pyjama set or animal print set from Banded Together! All of them are classic, comfortable and well-made pieces that are instant mood uplifters when I put them on.

What rules in your life are you trying to rewrite? 
Hmm.. where do I start- probably that I want to be better with difficult conversations! Also learning to find balance between my work/life - but I feel like that will be an ongoing project:)

Learn more about Lauren at or on Instagram @hairbylaurenm