How to Store Silk

How to Store Silk

The best way to store is to hang silk in a cotton garment bag so bugs don’t go near the silk. If you are storing long term, fold the garments with acid free tissue paper and store in a cotton storage box. You never want to store in plastic because it encourages mildew causing moisture which can yellow the silk and is a prime environment for bugs. Draw liners and contact paper also attract bugs so better avoid them. 

If your wardrobe is prone to silverfish or moths, hang a natural scented deterrent to properly look after your silk garment.  Avoid moth balls, they are toxic and  its impossible to remove their odour. Better not to use cedar wood blocks or chips as direct contact with the garments can transfer oil to fabric which will create stains.

Make sure your wardrobe doesn’t have a lot of moisture in it - this often occurs when cupboards are built on the inside of an external wall. If this is the case, use a moisture absorber such as 'closet camel' or 'damprid' to reduce moisture. Try however to store garments in a clean, dark, cool area. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t store dirty or stained garments in your wardrobe. Treat, steam or clean them before putting them in your wardrobe to prolong their life (and its nicer too for you).