How to Machine Wash Silk

How to Machine Wash Silk

I would only use a front loader as they are more gentle on fabrics and always put the item inside out in a delicate wash bag to prevent scratches or pulls. If it is a really delicate but still washable, its better to hand wash it. 

Step 1: Start by making sure the machine is clean. That is, if you have just washed towels with oxygen bleach and harsher detergents, its a good idea to run a separate rinse cycle in the machine so there is no left over chemicals. 

Step 2: Treat stains with a safe stain remover 

Step 3: Put a capful of detergent in the machine dispenser and wash in cold water on a delicate or silk cycle. I tend to use the shortest possible cycle and its a good idea to skip the final spin cycle if your washing machine allows you to. Don't use a cycle that is longer than 40 minutes. 

Water Temperature..

If you feel that it needs a really good clean up to 30 degrees is usually ok but remember that hot water can cause silk to shrink or lose its colour so never use a temperature setting over 30 degrees C. 


If you let the item sit in the washer after the cycle is finished and take your time taking it out, excess water can permanently lighten the silk in the fold marks. So take the items our straight away and follow drying steps. 

Our recommendations are a guide only and results can vary with different fabrics, cleaning solutions, water PH levels etc. We cannot always guarantee success but these methods are all tried and tested by us. We never recommend using chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron or apply heat to stained items.