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How to Dry, Iron and Steam Silk

How to Dry, Iron and Steam Silk

WARNING: Never (ever!) put silk in the dryer. Exposure to heat can shrink the silk. 

Step 1: After washing, gently roll the silk in a towel to remove excess moisture  (don’t wring as remember silk fibres are weaker when wet). Repeat this process with a second towel for whiter silks as white silk left to air dry can become yellow. 

Step 2: Lie flat or hang to dry inside. I like to hang the garment on a hanger which minimises crease marks - often not needing any ironing at all!

AND ANOTHER WARNING: Unlike cotton, silk can turn yellow when it sees too much sun so don’t hang it outside in the sun to dry (shade and out of sunlight is ok!).

Steaming and Ironing Silk 

You can iron silk on a low heat and its best to use a pressing cloth between the iron and the silk. 

Steam once dry to rejuvenate the fabric and take any creases out of it. Then let it hang in a dry place so that there is no residual moisture.


Our recommendations are a guide only and results can vary with different fabrics, cleaning solutions, water PH levels etc. We cannot always guarantee success but these methods are all tried and tested by us. We never recommend using chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron or apply heat to stained items.