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Inspired by The New Garconne

Inspired by The New Garconne

Who is she - this new garconne?

The modern gentlewoman defines her own style. Her influences are both masculine and feminine, both old and new. Her biggest luxury is time as she values a slower pace but also makes room for being busy - she fills her days well. 

She buys less but buys better - each piece is considered. A trinket from a flea market or a crisp white t-shirt made from supreme cotton is just as treasured as her Birkin. She never buys second best and often prefers not to have, then to have a less effective replacement. 

It is her sense of self that carries her style. Her real beauty is in her connection with the world around her.  She knows who she is, so doesn't search for herself in a world of constant consumerism, at the same time she loves a purchase with meaning. Her wardrobe is versatile - with the change of an accessory she can be dressed for any formal occasion.  She is empowered. 

"This is the woman that has inspired me to create Banded Together. Each piece has been meticulously crafted and every simple detail considered." Dana