Our new retail rules are really the old ones; going back to a time when fashion purchases were considered and made for long term use.

Today, most retail relies on the fast fashion model, churning out huge quantities of product at very low prices. Unfortunately, this encourages consumers to buy more than we need to, at lower quality and at a high cost to the environment and to the workers in the supply chain. It also teaches consumers that they constantly need more to be happy.

On the other side, luxury products are also highly sought after, but often not accessible due to extremely high price points. This only encourages consumers to purchase fast fashion as a substitute for the beautifully made alternative.

Our direct to consumer business model ensures that we can focus on how to make our product perfect, while offering accessible price points to our customers. To do this, we have cut out the costs associated with traditional wholesaling, so all the value can go into the product itself. We continue to work with highly respected manufacturers who we choose based on the quality of the product they make, as well as their working environment.

Our Rules: 

#1 An edited collection. Instant classics you won’t want to replace

We believe confidence comes from consistency. Rather than chasing fashion trends, we encourage our customers to develop their own style with classic, foundation pieces that stand the test of time. Aside from improving the clutter in your head, it will help de-clutter the planet.

#2 An honest pricing structure. Quality product can be purchased at attainable prices.

We continue to work with the world’s best materials and fabrics, manufacturers and heritage techniques, while avoiding traditional retail mark ups by selling exclusively online. We believe you should be primarily paying for the garment itself and the way it makes you feel.

#3 A company built on conversation. Multi-dimensional clothes and communications for modern women.

Consumers are smart and deserve to know the intention behind everything we do: our suppliers, processes, and motivations. Our edited collections allow you to make considered choices that aren’t overwhelming, and have a small impact on the world for the better, too.