It looks like we are going to be wearing masks for a while so we may as well find one that we like. As far as mask wearing goes, our silk masks are comfortable, they look good, don't irritate the skin and easy to care for. We have always known the benefits of silk but it was nice to know that extensive scientific research now backs up silk mask wearing. 

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati discovered the benefits of silk for mask-making after testing a number of common household fabrics. They report that silk contains natural antimicrobial properties and repels moisture, a key trait in fighting an airborne pathogen. Unlike other materials, silk is breathable and dries really quickly. You can read the study results here.

Silk also contains copper, which can kill bacteria and viruses on contact, according to the study leader Patrick Guerra, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology.

Unlike cotton, silk is breathable and dries really fast, Dr. Guerra said. His team also tested cotton and polyester along with multiple types of silk to see how well each repels water, representing respiratory droplets containing the virus. They found that silk masks worked far better as a moisture barrier than those made of polyester or cotton, both of which absorb water droplets quickly. Another plus: silk is washable.

The scientific benefits wouldn't mean anything if our customer's didn't prefer to wear them.

Here are a few of the hundreds of 5 star reviews we've received...


"Great quality masks that retain their size and shape after washing in hot water. Very comfortable and easy to breathe. Have worn for up to 3 hours straight at the hairdresser with no discomfort. They also look great!"

Anon. Sydney, Australia 

"I've bought a few different kinds of masks and Banded Together's silk adjustable masks are my absolute favourite. It almost feels like I'm not wearing a mask at all. The masks always feel light and soft, and even when they get a bit damp they never stick to my face." 

Melissa P. Melbourne, Australia 

"love the silk masks - and so do my family. you can look hot in a mask."

Helen, Mornington Peninsula, Australia